3 Best Digital Pianos on a budget

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Finding an exceptional, digital, and economical piano used to be very tough. However, today, it is rather easy, as we have many professional-level manufacturers who are introducing top-level digital pianos in the market and they have significantly cut down on prices as well.

Here we are going to review budget-friendly digital pianos but with good and acceptable quality. We have spent countless hours researching these models and compared them with the expensive models in the industry too.

So, keep on reading.

Casio Privia Full Size Digital Piano

Casio is one of the most reputable digital piano companies in the market.

Surprisingly, this digital piano has been enjoyed by people of every skill level. It inherits many features from its predecessors. Perhaps, for that reason, from professional to beginner players, everyone loves it and recommends it to everyone.

Casio Privia is the advanced version of its predecessor. The manufacturers of the Casio Company have improved its weak sides and added some great features to challenge the expensive models in the industry.

For example, the design is better and lightweight.

Though it has 88-action keys, it weighs only 25.5 lbs with 11.5 inches depth. Due to its compactness, it is rather easy to fit it in a small space or place it on a table.

This is the reason why some people call it a portable full-size digital piano too. Since you can take it to gigs and rehearsals without any trouble.

When it comes to the sound, it sounds like it is coming from a high-quality grand piano. Each tone of it has a different timbre and you can customize it with different sound effects. Moreover, the sound quality is utterly in your hands; you can have mellow and soft sound or harder and brighter sound. You only need to play a little with the reverb effect and the chorus effect.

On the whole, it is an impressive digital piano that has an authentic sound and a good playable feel.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a compact and transportable design.
  • It produces 18 quality instrument sounds.
  • The air engine inside the keyboard produces highly accurate sounds.
  • You can split the keyboard into two equal ranges.
  • Con: The keys are a bit noisy.

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Yamaha YDP143R Digital Piano

It is a solid piano in every way.

 It is also one of the latest models of Yamaha’s Arius line.

This is an 88-key piano keyboard; popular with intermediate and piano students alike. That’s why we are taking a closer at this model to find out what makes it so special.

The design quality of the Yamaha YDP143R is unique. It has a classical look that complements the décor of any room but in reality, it is a digital model and it is also light enough to move around whenever needed. The reason we comprehend behind this look is Yamaha tried to attract its actual customers who were interested in the finest acoustic pianos.

They aimed to target all the groups and tastes of people. They have provided all the convenience and features of a digital piano and at the same time didn’t sacrifice the look of their popular acoustic models.

For that reason, we believe, this piano can grow with almost all kinds of musicians. Its control panel is quite standard with seven buttons. Also, it has a volume knob and power button. The only drawback we find this in this product is it doesn’t have a display panel. However, we have no complaints, as it is budget-friendly and can be afforded easily.

The company also gives you the cover in the package that keeps the keyboard away from dust and dirt.

The keyboard of this piano is equipped with a Pure CF sound engine. This sound engine is used in the high priced pianos, that’s why it is a big plus. You will always have a rich natural piano tone that is available in the grand concert pianos only.

Pros & Cons

  • It has three different piano tones.
  • It has a digital library that comes with classic piano-based songs.
  • It gives a heavier touch in the low end.
  • It has the capability to  record up to 2 separate tracks.
  • Con: It has a classical look; not good for those who want a contemporary design.

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Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano

Alesis Recital Pro is ground-breaking studio equipment that can impress you on so many levels. It is designed for amateurs as well as experts. 

The keyboard is the most prominent feature in the Alesis Recital Pro. The keys are all semi-weighted and have a width of an acoustic guitar. This is something which we loved the most and it feels so natural. Besides, the design and the quality of the keys is so brilliant. It requires a much lighter touch than a fully-weighted keyboard.

It is safe to say that it conforms to the lighting playing style.

In case you are specifically looking for the built-in voices, Alesis Recital Pro fulfills that need too. It comes with 12 built-in voices – 6 instruments with 2 variations.

Apart from this, this model has 128-note polyphony. This feature makes sure you won’t lose any note while experimenting with multiple voices at the same time.

Therefore, all in all, it is an exceptionally unique instrument and even runs on the batteries.

Pros & Cons

  • The touch response of this piano is so great.
  • We also love its recording ability.
  • It has 88 premium hammer action keys.
  • You can mute the internal speaker for quiet practice.
  • Con: It is hard to find any drawback in this piano.

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So, budget-friendly digital piano exists and they are quite diverse too.

All these above digital pianos have the best quality and they also merge the best of both hardware and software in the package that delivers extraordinary performance.

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