7 Best gifts for your piano students

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Do you have a piano student? We have 7 awesome gift ideas that you can give to the lovers of piano and show your love and appreciation for them.

Before we reveal the best gifts for piano students, it is important to clear some fog out of a very common misconception. These gifts aren’t just for the special occasion, you can also give them to complement your piano students’ efforts.

So, don’t associate them with special occasions only!!!

1 – Chala Mini Crossbody Handbag

For female piano students, this bag is a blessing from heaven.

They will love it.

It is a perfect size with two outside pockets for cell phone, keys, or maybe sunglasses. This is better than heavier, big purses in which you can’t find things easily. The thing we love about this Chala mini handbag is it can be used as a decorative item. It has piano notes on its body that glean all the attention and make people ask questions about your profession/hobby.

The maker of this handbag offers you detachable and adjustable straps; you can utilize them and enjoy the benefit of a clutch, purse, and crossbody bag in one.

Choosing this purse for a female piano student means you took the time to research and pick something related to their own interests.

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2 – Yamaha HPH-50B Headphones

It doesn’t matter whether you are mixing piano sounds in the studio or just relishing the music in beautiful, rainy weather, headphones are important.

They give you episodes of entertainment in privacy.

The Yamaha HPH-50B Headphones are great for pianists for silent practicing on a keyboard. They are of course a fancier option but your student is going to love it the most. They provide comfortable listening for extended periods. Plus, there is a swivel mechanism in these Yamaha HPH-50B headphones. It fits your ear angle and lets it have a 90 degree turn too.

The sound quality is also professional-grade. The bass and treble are carefully balanced and give a very satisfying experience to the listener.

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3 – Piano Briefcase Gift

This piano briefcase is a fantastic gift that they are guaranteed to cherish.

It has a unique piano/keyboard design on the front. A piano student can use it for his piano lesson books and keep its pens, pencils, etc save.

This piano briefcase has four pockets on the inside; they are deep and can secure separate piano sheets. You can utilize these pockets for other purposes as well. For example, they can hold your iPod or iPad very comfortably. 

Whether they are in the class or shopping in the mall, if your students have this briefcase in their hands, everyone can see their passion for the music.

It will indeed serve them well even into high music school.

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4 – Travel Mug

We recommend you to purchase this!

It is an economical choice but it looks unique and expensive. This is because it is a very good handcrafted and strong material with a capacity of 13.5 oz. Piano students will especially fall in love with it. The lid of this mug is ceramic and sits on top of the mug, it has piano patterns that are designed well and look immensely gorgeous.

We personally believe this coffee mug is a form of musical art. One can keep it on the shelf for display.

The overall design of this cup is quite exclusive too. The vertical music staves as the handle… You will find music notes on the body that make it look more amazing.

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5 – Adjustable Piano Bench Stool

Yes, you read it right, it is an adjustable piano bench stool.

It is definitely worth the buy.

This bench stool promotes better playing posture plus the height adjustment feature works really well. Your students can use it for lengthy rehearsals and hour-long solo concerts. They will feel utterly functional and super comfortable.

The assembly process of this stool is very easy. There is a comprehensive instruction guide that facilitates you in assembling it within a few minutes. 

It has a padded seat and it has an incredible finish that makes it look like an expensive bench.

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6 – Piano Phone Case

Now your students can carry their keyboards in their pocket in the form of a piano phone case.

Piano phone cases are awesome and make a great gift for someone who loves the piano. The piano phone case which we are promoting here is a clear iPhone 11 case. Please, keep in mind, it doesn’t fit the iPhone 11 or iPhone pro. It is 6.1 inches and developed for iPhone 11 only.

This cover not only protects the phone but also allows you to push the button easily. It also has dust covers for all the openings such as charging port and AC port.

On the whole, it is terrific and your students will be so excited to have this case.

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7 – Handmade Glass Grand Piano

Looking for something different? 

Get this handmade glass grand piano. It is a gift gallery collection piece that mesmerizes everyone with its complex detail. Its spun glass catches the light wherever displayed and shines like a diamond and makes it sparkle from every angle.

It is an intricate model, that’s why it is safely packed. The manufacturers have wrapped it with tissue papers and bubble wraps to keep it secure.

You should definitely consider this glass model. 

It is very elegant and thoughtful.

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Well, hopefully, this special list got your wheels turning. All these gifts are a huge hit among students and also make so many beautiful memories. They will motivate the students and compel them to study piano with more enthusiasm. Apart from this, these gifts are suitable for every occasion. You can give them to your students for any reason you want.

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