Best Entry-Level Piano: Yamaha B3 Acoustic Upright Piano

Yamaha B3 Upright Piano

It is tough to control the joy of making music on the piano. It is one of those beautiful and grand instruments that cause vibrations in the soul. However, the real question is, is there any entry-level piano for the beginners?

Yes, there is. Check ‘Yamaha B3 Acoustic Upright Piano‘.

When you play it, you never mind who listens to you. It creates a special relationship between the musician and its tones. The more you play it, the more you love and relish it.

In our opinion, what you get out of this entry-level piano depends on how you play it. It reveals its qualities in the wider compass. Furthermore, it is created by a trusted company ‘Yamaha’, which have top-of-the-line pianos and are preferred by professional-level musicians too.

Why Do Players Choose Yamaha?

Before we reveal the key features of Yamaha’s B3 Acoustic Upright Piano, first it is imperative to perceive why Yamaha is dominating the market.

And, particularly, why you should trust this brand.

  • They have experience; building pianos for a long time.
  • The attention-to-detail and the track-record are amazing.
  • Their inexpensive pianos are beautiful & effective too.
  • They offer superior quality and impeccable tone range.
  • Yamaha’s quality always ensures great longevity.

Just remember one thing, if you are looking for the Yamaha brand, such as B3 Acoustic Upright Piano, make sure you are purchasing it from an authorized store or dealer.

Yamaha B3 Acoustic Upright Piano – Detailed Review

This piano is designed with starter-level players in mind.

The Yamaha manufacturers approached professional standards in this design while ensuring that they are remaining loyal to the series design.

One of the reasons why you will love it is it offers plenty for beginners to get started. In other words, if we say it comes with everything you need, it would be outright right. Some people are baffled regarding its production as they don’t perceive whether it is developed in Indonesia or Japan, the true thing is it is produced at a Yamaha factory in Indonesia. All the models you receive of B3 are developed in that region of the world. However, Japan is the place where the B3 Acoustic Upright Piano scale was designed; it has nothing to do with its production.

Experts believe it is the ‘Piano To Grow With’.

And, they are correct. 

It helps you to get to grips with the basics of playing keyboard, which means it comes loaded with handy features that assist you in improving your piano playing quickly.

Don’t believe that? Check some advantages below; you will see all the basics in this model a beginner might be looking for.

  • It has a larger frame and soundboard for a fuller tone. It is very effective for larger spaces, but bear in mind it is compact than a grand piano. That’s why it is commonly used in schools, community centers, and churches.
  • This piano of B series is almost similar to the vertical piano. Due to its size and frame, you can’t compare it with grand frames. Since it is designed to save space. In addition, you can comfortably store this model underneath the keyboard area, which is next to impossible with the grand ones as they are huge and have a thicker wood frame.
  • The solid spruce soundboard of Yamaha B3 Acoustic Upright Piano produces rich and colorful tonal resonance. 
  • Another reason to love its soundboard is it has various grain lines that produce a natural and wonderful tone. Besides, in our experience, the weather affects it a bit too. For example, in winters, it will create a bright tone, whereas, in summer, you will experience a mellow sound. Also, the more you practice on it, the sound becomes better and richer. Its sound improves with age.
  • It has a superior crown-design; an ideal option for those who demand more resonance and projection to impress people and grace any room in their home beautifully.
  • The Yamaha manufacturers have used a high-grades hammer in it too. They participate in producing its sound with two preset forces – tension and compression. Their time between striking the ring and falling away quickly is so perfect; you won’t deal with extra vibration, which is usually the biggest issue in some low-quality brands.
  • The string length and diameter is rather perfect too. They are lighter; there won’t be any trouble in pushing them. In case you are a professional and work in a studio, you can count on their function utterly as their rate of traveling back and forth is ideal for all songs.
  • We loved the action of the damper in this model. It is almost the same as other B series models. No matter how long your finger depresses the key, its damper stops the vibration and doesn’t let it continue long enough.
  • This model is supported by a strong cast iron frame. Therefore, you can trust its longevity. If you keep it maintained; it will work for decades. Apart from this, it is supported by four sturdy wooden back posts also that facilitate in making it more heavy-duty.
  • Lastly, from height to width and depth, everything is up to the mark. Compared to this model, the B1 and B2 have a slender profile that didn’t support the playing style and taste of some musicians. But the B3 version is different and provides more playability.


All in all, it is a major upgrade over B1 and B2.

While it is a great entry-level piano, it has a couple of drawbacks. Their sound is comparable to a grand piano but it travels straight up. This probably because of the size of the frame, which weakens the sound a little bit on some notes.

Second, the sound isn’t fully deep; this can be an issue for some who play deep music only.

These are just the tip of an iceberg. On the whole, it is undoubtedly one of the best upright pianos for beginners, and it creates a sound that can move a million people.


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