Finding the perfect piano teacher: A handy guide

Finding the perfect piano teacher can be a daunting task. A piano teacher, also known as ‘Pedagogy’, teaches musical skills to individual piano students. He usually has a bachelor, master, or doctoral degree at a music college, and often has a home studio as his business.

Many people, especially parents, consider music to be an essential part of education. Since, according to them, playing the piano for a few minutes a day makes you feel positive. It is also one of the easiest instruments to learn and play; no physical pain associated with it. 

All you have to do is to sit and press down a key.

However, finding a good and perfect piano teacher isn’t a straightforward task. You need to find a teacher who will work best with you or your child and build interest in this instrument.

In this guide, we will help you find a perfect piano teacher that will foster your growth on this instrument and turn you into a professional musician.

Find An Expert Piano Teacher

You should look for the quality from the start.

This is the first and most important thing. It is a common mistake particularly among parents to hire a mediocre teacher to start out so they can gauge their child’s interest in learning music and “upgrade” to a more professional teacher if the need arises.

Don’t do that.

A mediocre teacher is good for nothing if you are serious about learning the piano. He will indeed destroy your natural skills even more. 

Instead of establishing the right foundations, he will build bad habits and teach those techniques that won’t assist in the real world.

An expert piano teacher works on the foundations on an immense level. He knows how to make your child fall in love with the music and develop him as a musician and help in many other areas of their life. Also, once the correct foundations are set, your child can grow and polish his skills on his own.

What’s Your Target

Before you begin your journey, take a step back and think about what your target or goal is.

Do you want to surprise your significant other on her birthday or wish to become a professional-level piano player? Or, do you just want to find an alternative activity for fun?

Knowing what you want and what your goal is will facilitate you in finding the perfect piano teacher. This will also give you a general idea of what you want to spend on piano lessons. Because if you want to learn the piano just for fun or for surprising your significant other on some special occasion, there is no need to invest thousands of dollars on it.

Once you have figured out what exactly you want, it is time to look for a piano teacher in your area.

If it is tough to find teachers in your area or the online directories, you can find a piano teacher through Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) too. All you need is to enter your location and they will find a certified piano teacher for you at once.

Consider The Lesson Format

What type of lessons do you want to take?

We know most people are interested in private piano lessons, as they are the best, and we recommend that too. Since private lessons offer so much more than school programs.

For example,

  • They build a great work ethic, and there is no way to escape accountability.
  • You can’t discreetly hide your skills from the teacher.
  • The teacher notes your areas of struggle and gives specific instructions.
  • You can pursue your musical taste rather than following a specific curriculum.
  • You can achieve greater success in the least amount of time.
  • The teacher moves at your pace and doesn’t push to have command on lessons quickly.
  • It is possible to develop your skills which are not possible in a classroom.

The only drawback of private lessons is they are expensive.

In case you don’t have a budget for a private lesson, you can opt for group lessons. They are economical and can be more fun for some students; you can also make some great friends in group lessons who share the same interest and motivate you even more.

Meet Different Teachers

Now it’s time to meet different teachers and narrow down your search.

You can also ask for teacher recommendation because word-of-mouth is the best way to find a perfect piano teacher. In a way, recommendations work as a review. People have recommendations from their own experience, therefore, you can’t avoid them.

There is also one more thing you need to remember. It is not necessary to look for a degree. Most people look for a degree, which is a big mistake.

Instead, focus on the level of training and experience.

You can know about that by asking a few questions.

  • How many students do you have?
  • Are you associated with any professional organization?
  • What’s your philosophy about music?
  • What is the normal age of your students?
  • Do you hold regular competitions for students?

What’s The Method?

It is not only about your goal; it is about the goal and method of the teacher too.

Will the teacher impart all the necessary musical skills to the student or focus on a few key points only? You need to know about it and try to understand it during your training.

A good teacher tells you everything step-by-step, from reading music to ear training, music theories to how to practice each note. He also informs you about how to interpret the music and become an active performer on the stage.

These are some signs of professionalism.

Since the initial stages are habit-forming. If the concepts won’t be cleared through the methods of a teacher, it would be tough for a student to grow and have command on the demanding stages of piano-learning.


Be realistic and remember that you won’t become an expert piano player overnight.

It is also great to watch the teacher in action; if it is possible to observe a trial lesson with one of their current students. This will help you to understand how they value their students.

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